Christie, an athletic young snow ski instructor from Aspen, bought a Luxury Velvet Bouvé as a ski hat to match her new ski clothes. On one particularly cold day, she claimed she was the only instructor on the slopes who didn’t freeze because she wore her Bouvé under her helmet. She said it really saved the day! Now, her Bouvé is her most beloved ski accessory and delighted that it doubles as an Après Ski accessory to boot.

After an exhilarating day of “test skiing” my own Bouvé, I went shopping in the village before heading home. Since my “ski bunny” hair was a disaster after a day on the slopes, I felt lucky to be wearing my Bouvé, pleased to be shopping looking as good off the slopes as on. In every store I heard … “Wow, what a beautiful hat, I’ve never seen anything like it! Where can I get one?” One snow ski clothing shop owner asked if I sold my headwear wholesale, knowing they would be a great addition to her women’s ski hat line. I replied, “Well, yes … when do you want them delivered?”


The drive up Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur was, as usual, breathtakingly beautiful, especially in my “new” convertible. With the top down and my spirits up, I happily wound my way up PCH for a relaxing weekend get away. I adore the feeling of the wind in my hair, but I don’t enjoy fixing the resultant bad hair day. I have much better things to do with my time than style my hair, especially while on vacation! Solution: Wear my Bouvé, the perfect packable hat that works as well day or night. And since it’s a crushable hat, it travels like a charm. Ann Margret had the right idea …

Here I am at St. John – after snorkeling the “Park”. Oh my God, look at the time! After the ferry to St.Thomas and back to the cruise ship, I’ll only have five minutes to dinner at the captain’s table. Should I be late and wash my sea salt hair? Or, should I just pull on the VERY short dress over the suntan and a Bouvé on my head. No choice … Bouvé, the perfect cruise accessory saves me again! As I arrive at the table, the captain pulls out the chair next to him and compliments me profusely. He wants to know where in the world did I find such a unique and beautiful “cruise hat”. That’s my little secret, I coyly replied

Whew, what a day at "Bike Week" in Daytona. Mama told me not to come, but tens of thousands of bikes and bikers were just too much to resist. I'm talking rumbling, vibrating Harleys, Billy and Captain America. Unfortunately, I needed to wear one of those girl motorcycle helmets on the bike to get there, when I took it off …the worst "bad hair day” ever! Luckily, my Bouvé fit nicely into my shoulder bag along with my other bare necessities. Bandanas are boring, Bouvés are exciting and the world’s best fix for "helmet hair"… not to mention the ultimate attention getter in the parade to the Speedway...wink, wink.