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My name is Julia Wynn and I live in Santa Barbara. I've owned and operated a variety of companies including a fine jewelry business, a fashion and color consulting firm as well as a women's health, beauty and fitness center. I have always enjoyed helping people improve their appearance and well-being.

After those enterprises, I went on a mission to find a new endeavor that would enable me to satisfy my heart's desire to help enhance and empower people's lives. I searched high and low and even hired a "life-coach" to help me explore the possibilities. Soon, all the pieces started coming together and my Bouvé business was born.

I am delighted that this exciting enterprise is enabling me to fulfill my vision to help people by providing them with an easy way to improve their appearance. Enhancing your looks enhances your life, because when you look good you feel good. Personally, I have never received more compliments than when wearing a Bouvé. Compliments always feel great and help boost your self-confidence.

I've noticed that when people try on Bouvés, something magical and transformational happens. At first they're kind of serious, but soon they start glowing with smiles as they gaze in the mirror, admiring themselves from this way and that. It's like watching them trying on a fun "new identity"!

Consider the possibilities, equipped with a "new identity", you could transform yourself into more of who you want to be, and as a result, get more of what you want out of life. Wow, talk about empowering!

Last but not least, for those with thinning hair and others who have very little or no hair as a result of chemotherapy or medical conditions such as alopecia, it has been especially heart warming for me to provide a comfortable and stylish solution to their hair loss problems.


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Julia Wynn

PS For those interested in how I came up with the name Bouvé, here's the answer. I researched ancient names for hats, found two I liked the description and sound of, combined them and came up with the name Bouvé.