The Good Life


After a glorious day of pampering in the spa, I feel refreshed and ready to go back to watching the race. The Grand Prix of Monaco is best observed from the aft deck of a yacht backed up to the seawall at the waterfront straightaway. As the "hands" bring the libations, my Bouvé wards off the effects of the warm Mediterranean breeze. You know, I think Schumacher actually took his eyes off the track as he went past. The Casino is next with no time to adjust. Who cares! What ... I think I hear an alarm. Oh no, it's not time to get up is it ... what about the Casino?

Heather adores spa treatments: massage, facials, body wraps and the like. However, her hair usually gets wiped out in the process. If she needs to do anything before going home, she has to either snap herself out of her "spa bubble" and fix it, or pay a hair stylist to do it. That was until she discovered Bouvés. Now, rather than spoil her mood or spend money on "emergency hairstyling ", she takes one along to hide her messy, wet or oily hair until she can get to it.


I was in New York only minutes when my girlfriend announces that we’re going to a private party tonight - superb food, fine champagne and beautiful men. Now, what to wear … to Bouvé or not to Bouvé? Well, I am a bit jet lagged - what the heck – I’ll save my energy for the party and go in style! I feel confident wearing my red Bouvé “party hat”, little black dress and sexy Manolo’s. As we enter, heads turn our way. The added attention boosts the moment as I scan the room and lock eyes with “Him”. Bouvé offers an easy “icebreaker”… Ta-da, Bouvé “works” again!

Shana, a movie set director, bought a Bouvé on impulse, not bothering to try it on, not sure about wearing it to the cast party that night. Well, she did, and what a huge hit she said it made when she returned the next day to buy more. This time, she tried them all on and found six more she liked. She also knew how handy they would be when she got up at the crack of dawn … in no mood to wash and dry her hair. Now, her Bouvés could spare her that trouble. More beauty rest, more beauty, more rest …yes!


It’s Friday in Beverly Hills and I’m “prowler” shopping Rodeo Drive and checking out all the yummy eye candy! Most of the females look alike, so I stand out wearing my Bouvé (the tight black slacks and the Sasha heels don't hurt) and simply everyone offers a compliment. Some use words … others use smiles and approving glances. No fashion finds today. Oh well, I feel perfectly presentable adorned with my Bouvé as I set off to meet my gal pals for a sunset rendezvous at the Sky Bar. You’re invited … see you there!

Hattitude Testimonials


It was a pleasure meeting you tonight and I love your product! After the “W” mixer, I went over to Borders & Pier 1 for some shopping and wore my Bouvé the whole time! It kind of transforms you into this confident, mysterious character - you know the kind you see in the old flicks (like Casablanca) - amazing what a hat can do to a person!


Hi Julia,

I picked up a couple of your Bouvés in July during a visit to Santa Barbara. Every time I wear one, at least one person approaches me and many others are looking with curiosity. It's clear there is an interest. I love fashion and this accessory is unique and exciting! Women have so much going, with their busy lives. This adds a touch of glamour, and gives a special air to the wearer. This has been such fun. Heads are turning everywhere I go when wearing your Bouves! Thank you so much.


Dear Julia,

I don't know if you heard or not, but my 29 year-old daughter, Skye, "STOLE" my Bouvé. Loved it, wouldn't take it off, preened, looked at herself in the mirror and gave herself sultry come-hither looks. So, I need another Bouve to replace the stolen one, and to order another one for Skye since it is now 19 degrees in New York city where she lives.  This is one stocking-stuffer she will get before Christmas.

Best and Love, Rise