Special Needs

A Note from Julia:

Bouvés started out simply as a fun, uplifting and playful accessory that make a joyful fashion statement. Almost from the beginning, I found them to be wonderfully therapeutic as well. I quickly discovered the need for stylish and comfortable headwear for all women suffering from hair loss, particularly those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Bouvés fill a huge need for these women, not just to cover their heads, but to feel beautiful, stylish and nurtured as they work through the process of healing.


Hi Julia!

I recently purchased two Bouves for myself and one for a friend at your table at the Santa Barbara craft fair a few Sundays ago. We were the two "indecisive wacky chicks from Massachusetts."

I just wanted to let you know I love both of mine. I even wear them in the house just watching TV.

I think they're such a great idea that I had a thought. I went through chemo about a year and a half ago and lost all my hair. I wish I had your Bouves back then. I just think there must be so many women going through chemo right now who would love them--they're so stylish and easy.

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has a wonderful store called the Friend's Boutique with all sorts of wigs, hats, scarves, etc. The Bouves would be such a nice addition. I would be more than happy to wear mine into the store and give them one of your cards and encourage them to purchase some.

Hope all is well in Santa Barbara!

Dear Julia,

I purchased one of your head turbans at the last Santa Barbara Arts Fair in dark brown. It was a very light weight fabric - not velvet. I would like more of the same in add'l colors (i.e.. white, black, red, blue).

I am undergoing chemo and love the brown one I have. Let me know.


Dear Julia,

I am a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient and I am receiving chemotherapy for the next four months followed by radiation. My hair should be falling out in the next two weeks according to my Oncologist and will not come back until the treatment is over.

I visited the Breast Resource Center today and noticed up on the shelves your beautiful headwraps! I have been looking at lot's of headcover alternatives and yours definitely caught my eye.

I looked on your site and liked all of them of course but am interested in one to go with most of my clothing. I wish I could buy more, but my medical bills are rising faster than I can keep up with them!

Thank you very much!


Roslyn has just brought us a half dozen Bouves to our cancer center. We absolutely adore them and our clients will too. We just want to let you know how much we love them and are happy to make the connection.


Dear Julia,

I bought a Bouve in Santa Barbara at the street fair about a month ago and now that I've lost most of my hair I am so totally enjoying wearing it. It is beautiful and easy to put on, and it's the most comfortable headcovering for women with hair loss out there.

Thank you so much for making such a great product. I would like to purchase another, and am going to be back in Santa Barbara on June 19th. Will you be at the fair that day?


Dear Julia,

July 20,2006

My name is Tanya. Over the weekend before 4th of July (Sunday, July 2nd) my husband and I took a short vacation to one of our favorite cities... Santa Barbara.

We visited your stand set up at the beach art show in Santa Barbara and purchased one of your beautiful Bouve wraps for our cousin (more like sister), who is recovering from cancer (and currently undergoing radiation).

I just wanted to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your incredible product! Our cousin, Tammy, is SO incredibly happy and grateful for her new head wrap... she wears it - literally- all the time and everywhere!

With the loss of her hair, she just kept on going with life, vowing not to let anything stop her from enjoying her family and her everyday life. She has 2 young daughters, an incredible son, and a great husband that she fights her battle for. We deeply admire her strength and courage in her battle.

When she began to lose her hair due to radiation, she purchased some wigs that she would wear around town... but where we live in Tucson, AZ it is just too hot to wear them. She was really struggling with wanting to look nice, and suffering from the horrible heat. When we saw your product, we just knew it would be perfect for her - and it is! It is made perfectly, not too tight, and not too big that it slides off her head. The material is wonderful.. lightweight and breathable. She thanks us every time we speak to her and she asks other family members to thank us for her, too.

She proudly wears your product at home and all around town - everywhere she goes. She displays your card to everyone at the treatment center she goes to for her radiation, in hopes of helping others discover your wonderful product and the joy it has brought her.

Who ever would have thought something as simple as a piece of material would make such a world of difference? It has, and I want to thank you for it!

My husband and I plan on purchasing more wraps for Tammy, as we are just so thrilled to see her so happy about them and get so much use out of the one we purchased for her during our trip. It makes us so happy to know we can provide a little bit of sunshine to her.

I just wanted to take the time out to sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your product. I also wanted to let you know of the impact you have made on Tammy. Don't be surprised if you suddenly receive more orders from Tucson, AZ... Tammy is your marketing girl to the east.

Thank you so much again!!!
Tanya and Bill

Dear Julia,

July 7, 2006

My surgeon Dr. Lisa Curcio gave me a Bouve as a gift. I have found it to be very comfortable and easy to wrap. It looks great on and is much easier to use than a head scarf.

Thank you,
Ronnie Mason

Dear Julia,

I am a patient at MD Anderson and bought black, white and a mixed hat there about 3 weeks ago. Then I decided that I needed a brown one.

I think they are wonderful and get lots of compliments on them. I am undergoing chemo after a lumpectomy -- finish up with chemo at end of June. Then I will loan/give them away to someone else who will love them just as I do.

Ellen Read

Dear Helen,
I am so happy to hear you love your Bouves. I hope the brown one serves you well.

I think it is great that you want to share your Bouves with others when you don't "need" them anymore. Though, you might consider hanging onto one of them to keep on generating those compliments. Compliments make you feel good and when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you heal good.

I want to wish you the best of luck on your journey back to radiant health.

Julia Wynn

Dear Julia,

I got the wonderful turban today and it looks great with antique jewelry. Thanks so much! At this time, I will wait to order more, but I thank you for sending it so quickly. In fact, we're going out to a restaurant where I will be able to wear it on Sat night.

Be well and happy holidays!

Best regards,

PS I will need more hats as Chemo is over today and I start whole-brain radiation in 3 weeks. My doc says that hair on the scalp from radiation takes a very, very long time to grow back...

Hello Julia

August 03, 2006

I am going through chemotherapy and am fortunate enough to own one of your head wraps!I agree with the others on your web site that say it is the most comfortable choice (plus it is fashionable looking and very easy to tie!)

I will definitely mention your Bouves to the shop at the Mass General - my cousin (an oncology nurse) took down the name of your Web site for a patient of hers. Also, my very fashion-conscious friend loved it!

Thanks for your help...
Janet Marconi

Thinning Hair

Hi Julia,

How did I find out about Bouve? I volunteer as a massage therapist at the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook, IL. One of my clients there had recently lost her hair due to chemotherapy and came in wearing a Bouve. I thought it was great looking, asked her about it, wrote down the website, and placed an order.

I've had alopecia universalis for almost 30 years and always like to try new head coverings.

I'm looking forward to getting your terrific creations.