BOUVÉ (boo-vay)

n. an exquisite hat fashioned from soft sumptuous fabric. Often used for: 1. an instant good hair day 2. a crushable packable travel hat 3. a women's ski hat and après ski accessory 4. a stylish party hat 5. a women's designer church hat. 6. a new option for traditional Jewish or African headwear or head wraps 7. an easy substitute to a hair turban or head scarf 8. a gift for a Red Hat Society Lady or anyone who enjoys looking and feeling their best!

Bouvé - For The Fun Of It!

Bouvé, the remarkably beautiful, new and easy to use headwear from Santa Barbara. It's unique one-size fits all design easily wraps around your head in a variety of ways. In seconds, you can transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary!

It is the perfect fashion accessory to compliment any outfit from casual to chic and a lifesaver when there is no time for hair styling. Imagine - no more bad hair days!

Adorn your head with a BOUVÉ and enjoy a fun new "hattitude"!

Check out the Good Life and Travel sections and the heart-warming testimonials in the Special Needs section. You can learn How To Wrap a Bouvé as easy as 1-2-3. You can also read more about the creator of Bouvés in Julia's Bio.